Trekiz’s goal is to make travel planning easier, more reliable, and cost-effective while providing a wide diversity of options. We are your one-stop shop for planning and booking complete travel itineraries, giving you the ability to add and omit specific components of your trip in real-time. In joining our win-win "ecosystem," as a travel service supplier, agency or reseller, or referral partner, you can take advantage of the following benefits:
Travel product/service suppliers - get your business featured and products sold!

Access the platform that we have created exclusively for you.  Upload products individually, sell them under your own brand and manage them in real-time.  This will enable you to quickly respond to the market and greatly enhance brand awareness.

Post as many of your products on the platform as you desire.

Reach travel providers and travelers worldwide by taking advantage of our ever-expanding network of travel agencies and online customers.

You and Trekiz both benefit from customer satisfaction due to our fair and transparent commission system which applies uniformly to all suppliers.

Get an edge over your competitors by accumulating user reviews.  Good reviews win customers and showcase your products so the sooner you join the better!

Travel agencies or other businesses looking to purchase FOR customers - access and purchase what your customers want!
 Access our platform designed specifically for you to vastly enrich your product line with our locations, travel activities, and services, while continuing to use your current partners and suppliers on our platform.  We don’t interfere with your business, we enhance it!

Book travel products and services in real-time so you can immediately satisfy customer requests before they shop around.

Design more set packages to increase the number of tours that you sell to your customers, thus accommodating broader segments and interests.

Reduce operational costs, time and effort. The savings on each order lets you process more orders overall.  

Improve customer relationships.  Trekiz allows your customer responsiveness to be comprehensive and more efficient.

Enjoy improved service quality from suppliers who market under their own brands and are held accountable by performance reviews and our quality guarantees.

Earn great returns on everything you book for clients on Trekiz through our agency and reseller partnership models.

Affiliate Program members
Earn commissions for every qualifying online purchase made by customers through your unique link. Refer travel agencies, other businesses, or institutions to Trekiz and earn commissions for qualifying purchases that they make for their clients or members! It's just that simple and anyone can join!

If you’re interested, call +86 400 9109060 or email  We look forward to a long lasting partnership.