Trekiz.com is a “one-stop travel shop” that provides travelers and travel service providers the ability to research and compare a wide-array of popular and unique activities, with the purpose of building and purchasing multi-destination and custom travel itineraries. Trekiz’ highly intuitive and integrated “smart platform” based on a Web 3.0 concept delivers travel products and services to meet all aspects of travelers’ needs. Our platform offers and suggests travel products for customers based on their personal preferences, interests and budgets. Our international sales channels help market and sell suppliers’ products and services to the world market.
Trekiz is a direct sales platform that provides guaranteed pricing transparency, enhanced reliability, and security. Trekiz offers a wide variety of tours and tour packages which allow travelers to experience virtually all aspects of China as well as other interesting international destinations.  These include over one thousand unique activities in 33 provinces across China - from the popular and well-known to the more exclusive and very remote.  Trekiz also offers hundreds of travel activities and packages in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia and is actively seeking to expand more partnerships in overseas markets.