Xinjiang Taklamakan Desert Camel Trekking (Private)

Private Tour:  USD 947 - 1439
Duration: 5 Days(need to book 30 days in advance)
Location: Kashgar
Available From:  Dec 31, 2013 to Dec 31, 2014


The Taklamakan Desert is located in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in Central Asia. With an area of 270,000 sq km (104,248 sq mi), it is the 17th largest desert in the world. Its extreme inland position, also considered the very heartland of Asia, proves dangerous for survival as there are thousands of kilometers to any open body of water. Popular accounts claim (incorrectly as it turns out) that the Uygur term Takla Makan means "go in and you will never come out" or "Desert of Death." Two branches of the Silk Road were located at the northern and southern edges of the desert, which allowed travelers to pass through to Central Asia. Oasis towns thrived as the only sources of water for these merchant caravans. While the present population is predominately Uygur, ancient relics and mummies found in the Taklamakan Desert prove that it has been transversed by people from all over the world. In recent years, the desert has expanded in some areas, enveloping farms and villages as a result of desertification. Taklamakan Desert features cold nights, given its relative proximity with the cold to frigid air masses from Siberia, and extreme lows are recorded in wintertime.
Xinjiang Taklamakan Desert Camel Trekking (Private)
Location: Kashgar
  • N°  travelers
  • Price/person
  • 1 person
  • USD 1439
  • 2-5 people
  • USD 1211
  • 6-9 people
  • USD 1024
  • 10(+) people
  • USD 947
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Start times: between 08:00 and 08:30
  • Pick-up point: Lobby of your Kashgar hotel
  • Frequency: Daily
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A good opportunity to learn about Kashgar history and the unique culture of the Uygur people, you will become good friends with the camel driver and local tour guide who will share some very interesting stories about desert life. This five-day trek features a preparation day on day one where you will purchase the necessities at the local village before heading off into the desert by camel. You will spend the next four nights in tents, complete with campfire and food prepared by the camel driver. If you are lucky, your evening kebab might even consist of a fresh desert snake!
Times shown in the schedule are for your reference only.
Day 1
Step 1: In the morning, transfer from Kashgar to Yopurgha, the last village before the Taklamakan Desert trek.
Step 2: Purchase food supplies for the trip and then continue to the edge of the desert.
Step 3: Load your baggage on camels and begin the trek.
Step 4: The afternoon is spent on camel back through the desert.
Step 5: Overnight in tents.
Day 2 to Day 4 
Step 1: Desert trekking begins and continues throughout the day, before stopping to camp for the night. 
Step 2: Overnight in tents.
Day 5
Step 1: In the morning you will return by camel to your desert entry point at approximately 12:00.
Step 2: Your vehicles will meet you there and bring you back to Kashgar.

Included In Tour Price

1. Hotel pick-up and drop-off service
2. Individual travel insurance 
3. Air-conditioned tour coach
4. English-speaking tour guide
5. Transportation from Kashgar to Davakul Lake, and from trekking ending point to Kashgar
6. Camels for trek (3 camels for 2 people or 5 camels for 4 people)
7. Local camel driver from Davakul Lake
8. Sleeping bags, tents, meals and mineral water, picnic and foods during the whole trek
9. Permit and entrance fees for trekking

Not Included In Tour Price

1. All additional fees not listed 
2. Tips/gratuities for the guide and driver
3. Personal expenses
4. Extra costs due to unforeseen events


1. Price does not apply during China's National Holiday
2. It is essential to bring sun cream for this trip and sunglasses are also strongly advised
3. Long sleeve t-shirts are advised as well as comfortable walking shoes
4. GPS devices are a great accessory in the desert, although your guide and camel men are highly qualified
5. All camping equipment (sleeping bags, tents, etc.) and meals are provided

Terms And Conditions

This activity can be changed or canceled without penalty at any time prior to 15 days before the scheduled start of your trip; prior to 1-3 days before the scheduled start of your trip, only 80% of money will be refunded to your credit card; and within 24-hours before the scheduled start of your trip, only 70% of money will be refunded to your credit card.
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