Expedition to Kekexili (Private)

Private Tour:  USD 2200 - 2730
Duration: 14 Days(need to book 45 days in advance)
Location: Xining
Available From:  Dec 26, 2013 to Dec 31, 2014


This two-week expedition offers an opportunity to travel from Xining to Kekexili Nature Reserve, (also known as Hoh Xil in Mongolian), located in an isolated region in the northwest of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. With an average altitude of 4600m (11,811ft), the region is one of the least populated places in the world. Although it has a harsh climate with low temperatures and windy conditions year round, Kekexili is not devoid of life. Over 230 species of wild animals make their home here, including wild yak, wild donkey, deer, brown bear and the endangered Tibetan antelope. Unfortunately, the special wildlife of the region also draws poachers; environmental volunteers from across China spend time each year patrolling the 83,000 sq km (32,000 sq mi) reserve for any sign of detrimental activities. This tour to the Kekexili basin between the Tanggula and Kunlun Mountain ranges offers stark landscapes and natural wonders in addition to wildlife spotting. You'll visit a series of high altitude lakes and the source of the Yangtze River, admiring the vistas of Mt. Geladandong and, near Golmud, views of the Gobi Desert. This truly is a special opportunity, as very few travelers to China see this remote region.
Expedition to Kekexili (Private)
Location: Xining
  • N°  travelers
  • Price/person
  • 1-3 person
  • USD 2730
  • 4-9 people
  • USD 2550
  • 10(+) people
  • USD 2200
  • Duration: 14 Days
  • Start times: between 08:00 and 09:00
  • Pick-up point: Xining Airport
  • Frequency: Daily
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This private two-week expedition to Kekexili (Hoh Xil) Nature Reserve on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, with a combination of trekking and driving overland, provides you with the rare opportunity to see endangered wildlife and stark natural landscapes. With a 4WD Toyota Landcruiser 4500, you’ll have maximum comfort and sturdiness for high altitude travel. On the evenings when you camp, you’ll stay in high quality camping tents and for hotel stays we’ll choose the best available. Each day you’ll enjoy meals prepared by our trek cooks. Oxygen tanks will be available for your use in case you require supplemental oxygen (3 liters/min flow 150RMB per cylinder; 4 liters/min flow 200RMB per cylinder). The English-speaking professional tour leader and tour guides will ensure everything goes as planned. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the journey!
Times shown in the schedule are for your reference only.
Day 1 
Step 1: Fly to Xining.
Step 2: Check-in to hotel and check camping gear.
Step 3: Overnight stay in Xining.

Day 2
Step 1: Sightseeing in Xining at Kumbum Monastery.
Step 2: Travel to see the Sun and Moon Mountain.
Step 3: Visit Koko Nor Lake.
Step 4: Overnight stay at Koko Nor Lake hotel.

Day 3
Step 1: Travel from Nor Lake to Golmud, with views of the Gobi Desert and the Salt Bridge.
Step 2: Overnight stay in Golmud hotel.

Day 4
Step 1: Travel from Golmud to Kusai Lake, with views of the Kunlun mountains.
Step 2: Camping.

Day 5
Step 1: Travel from Kusai Lake to Kekexili Lake.
Step 2: Camping.

Day 6
Step 1: Travel from Kekexili Lake to Sun Lake.
Step 2: Camping.

Day 7  
Step 1: Travel from Sun Lake to Kusai Lake.
Step 2: Camping.

Day 8
Step 1: Travel from Kusai Lake to Wudaoliang, site of the Kekexili Nature Reserve Protection Station.
Step 2: Overnight stay at Wudaoliang Station.

Day 9
Step 1: Travel from Wudaoliang to Tuotuo River Town. 
Step 2: See the First Bridge of the Yangtze River.
Step 3: Overnight stay in Tuotuo River Town hotel.

Day 10
Step 1: Travel from Tuotuo River Town to the Yangtze River Source, with views of the Snow Mountain Geladandong.
Step 2: Camping.

Day 11
Step 1: Travel from the Yangtze River Source to Tuotuo River Town.
Step 2: Overnight stay at Tuotuo River Town hotel.

Day 12
Step 1: Travel from Tuotuo River Town to Golmud.
Step 2: Overnight stay in Golmud hotel.

Day 13
Step 1: Travel from Golmud to Tsaka and finally, Xining.
Step 2: Overnight stay in Xining hotel.

Day 14
Step 1: Transfer to Xining Airport.
Step 2: Return home.

Included In Tour Price

1. Admission ticket and entry permit to Kekexili Nature Reserve
2. Hotel/Airport pick-up and drop-off service
3. Private transportation: 4WD Toyota Landcruiser 4500
3. English-speaking tour guide
4. Lodging (based on two persons per room) and meals
5. Camping equipment and supplies

Not Included In Tour Price

1. Personal clothing and supplies
2. Tips for the guide and driver
3. Single supplement for accommodation (182USD)
4. Personal sleeping bag and pad (recommend 1500g down)
5. Air tickets


1. During the Tibetan antelope calving period visits to Kekexili (Hoh Xil) Nature Reserve are not allowed
2. Accommodation will consist of guesthouses when available and camping otherwise
3. The region visited on this tour averages an altitude of 4600m (11,811ft), please read the section on Acute Mountain Sickness or altitude sickness in the Tibet FAQs
4. Guests should bring warm, layered clothing appropriate for low temperatures and windy conditions
5. As this tour takes place in Qinghai Province,  travel permits are  necessary
6. After the purchase of this activity, the travel agency will contact you via email to explain the application process for the Kekexili Nature Reserve. You'll need to prepare scanned copies of your passport information and Chinese visa pages. The application process should be started at least 30 days before your travel.

Special For Customers

Guests will receive the traditional welcome gift of a Tibetan hada 

Terms And Conditions

This activity can be changed or canceled without penalty up to 30 days before the date at which the activity is scheduled to start. If you cancel 25 days prior to the scheduled start of the activity, you are entitled to a 70% refund. If you cancel 1 to 3 days prior to the scheduled start of the activity, you will forfeit any refund. The scheduled start of the activity is defined as the date that the activity is implemented.

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