Welcome to the Trekiz Help Center. Find tips on how to use the planner here - for general questions try our FAQ page.
1Where to find your planner
Your planner is located at the bottom of your browser; you can open or close it by clicking on the “Open Planner” or “Close Planner” tab.
2Moving the planner
Click and drag the planner around your screen, to return the planner to the bottom of your screen just click on the “Close Planner” button.
3View key information
You can always see your itinerary name, total number of days in your trip, and the total cost of your trip. This information is updated dynamically as you add and remove days and activities.
4Useful navigation icons
There are useful navigation icons on the right of the planner to take you to the “cities”, “flights”, “hotels” and “activities” pages. When you add anything to the planner, you get a notification above the relevant icon.
2To start your itinerary:
1Set the start date for your trip
Click on the date in blue on the top left of the planner (the default is tomorrow’s date), click on the message to display a calendar and select your start date. Click on “OK” to return to the planner.
2If you change your start date
Any activities you have planned will automatically move forward if you change your trip dates, but you’ll need to adjust the dates of any hotels or flights you’ve added.
3To add a city:
1Add a city
Once you’ve found a city you want to visit, click “Add to Planner.” The planner will automatically give you two days in a city.
2Traveling time between cities
The last date in your first city is the same date as the first date in your next city to accommodate traveling time, so be aware of this when you’re adding activities!
3Switch the order of your cities
Hover over the city you want to move and drag it up or down the list. If you change the order of your cities, your activities will automatically move too, but you’ll need to adjust the dates of any hotels or flights you’ve added.
4Remove a city
If you want to remove a city from your itinerary, just click on the “remove this city” button in the top left hand corner.
4To add an activity:
1Add an activity
Click “ADD TO PLANNER” on the activity detail page or mouse-over
2Change number of participants
When you add an activity to the planner, an overlay will appear where you can change the number of travelers who take part in the activity.
3Terms and conditions
In the same overlay as above you need to acknowledge the activity’s terms and conditions in order to add the activity to your planner.
5To add and remove days on a city:
1Change the number of days in a city
To change the number of days that you spend in a city, click on the “Add Day” or “Remove Day” button in the lower left corner of the planner. If you have more than five days in a city, you can scroll through them using the orange bar on the right.
2View the dates of your trip
You can see the last date of your whole trip underneath the list of cities on the left hand side, and your last date in the city you’re viewing at the top of the planner, just under the orange bar.
6Manage your activities:
1Activity details
You can view the duration, start time, number of people doing the activity and the activity title by hovering over the activity. To view the activity detail page click the “note” icon on the left of the activity bar.
2Delete an activity
If you want to delete an activity, click on the “x” on the right hand side of the activity bar.
3Change the start time or day
Activities appear as orange bars in your planner, different lengths for different durations. You can change the start time of your activity as long as the whole bar is within the highlighted blue area that appears when you click on the activity. To change the day you do an activity, drag the activity bar up and down through the days on your itinerary.
4We want to do different activities
You can have overlapping activities if you're traveling in group and want to different things.
7Manage flights and hotels:
1Search flights and hotels
You can search for flights and hotels by the planner as well as from the “Flights” and “Hotels” tabs at the top of your page. The flights and hotels tabs are located bottom right side in the grey boxes. Click on the tabs to open them.
2Add flights and hotels
Click on the “flight”/“hotel” icon on the planner’s top orange bar go to the flights/hotels page, enter your criteria and follow the steps to add to the flight/hotel you’ve selected to your planner. Flights will be displayed in the order that you add them to the planner.
3Cancel flights and hotels
In the planner’s flight and hotel tabs, you can view or cancel your flights and hotels.
4Check your dates
Please check that your flight/hotel dates match your schedule as you plan, especially if you change your start date or reorder your cities.


1.Proceed to checkout - When you've finished planning your dream trip, click on "proceed to checkout" to head to the shopping cart.

2.Saving your itinerary - Your itinerary will automatically save as you create it. In order to purchase or return to your itinerary another day, you need to have an account registered with Trekiz.

3.Register a Trekiz account - To register, click on the “register” link in the top right corner of the website, or on “proceed to checkout” in the planner.