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China: A Paradise to Explore

Somewhat off the beaten path for the majority of holiday-makers, China is one destination that should not be overlooked. As a country with a huge and growing economy, plus a rich depth of culture and fascinating history, China has a hugely wide variety of attractions, activities and sightseeing opportunities. Furthermore, flights to China can be booked more cheaply and easily than before thanks to an increase in trade and traffic.

The geography of China is enormously varied. As one of the largest countries in the world, it goes without saying that almost every kind of terrain from scrub desert to snow topped mountains and lush forests as well as all kinds in between can all be found within the vast reaches of China. Head out to the coast and you will find numerous resort areas, many of which may be reached in just a short journey from the capital, Beijing.

As a country with a booming economic climate, the cities of China are some of the most vibrant and exciting places in the world. Shanghai, the great economic centre of China, has recently become something of an international culinary centre. This city may not be the official capital of China, but after witnessing the impressive and unique architecture of the newly constructed skyscrapers it's easy to see that Shanghai enjoys a high status all of its own. Intrepid cultural explorers will be able to enjoy a breadth of experiences in Shanghai, from browsing in expensive international level outlets, to savouring a taste of everyday cuisine from one of the many traditional markets.

Historical sites are plentiful across China. By booking with a reputable tour group you may easily experience several of these fascinating locations. Of course, the most famous of these has to be the Great Wall. This legendary monument has been classed as one of the current Seven Wonders of the World, and even compared to the best of today's buildings it still remains impressive. The Wall stretches over 4000 miles and was an incredible two thousand years in the making! In terms of scale, sacrifice and historical interest you will not find anything to rival it in the world. China has plenty more ancient secrets and sites to share with visitors - try the Forbidden City, a mysterious ex-palace now acting as a museum to the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of China is the overall Eastern culture. Due to the large size of the country, it varies from town to town, but overall there is a unity which provides contrast against more typical holiday destinations. Once you have visited China, the impressions made by the grand architecture, the history, the culture, and most of all the friendly people will ensure that your stay is very fondly remembered.