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  • Bordeaux
  • The city of Bordeaux is stunning when approached from the south along the river. It's big, with a population of over half a million, and obviously rich – as it has been since the Romans set up a lively trading centre here; even today it still functions as the regional transport hub for Aquitaine.
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Transportation: The public transportation system of Bordeaux includes: bus, ferry, and tram services. ...see more

Bordeaux's climate is usually classified as an oceanic climate; however, the summers tend to be warmer and th ...see more

Food: Bordeaux is known for its wine, with certain areas offering specialty grapes for wine-making ...see more
Culture: You'll be raising your glass many times in Bordeaux, which is renowned for its wines, considered amongst the best i ...see more
  • Brasilia
  • Brasilia is the capital city of Brazil, was inaugurated on April 22nd 1960. Located in the central area of the country, Brasilia was designed and built to be country's capital. Just five years before, its area resembled a desert, with no people, scarce water, and few animals or plants.
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Transportation: Brasilia's public transportation system has subways and buses and is also serviced by an international airport and ...see more
Weather: The national capital's climate is a Tropical savanna climate, characterized by warm weather all year round wit ...see more
Food: There range of food available is immense, from Sushi to Brazilian and Meixcan to French, they really have it all.  ...see more
Culture: Brasilia is the political center of Brazil and hosts many festivals and fesitvals.  It is home to many internation ...see more
  • Brussels
  • Brussels is the perfect city for holidays with family and friends, or even with colleagues as a team-building event. There is a lot to learn about the history of the city, the architecture, the Belgian obsession with comic strips, and the art of chocolate and beer.
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The metro in Brussels is quite clean and safe compared to most metro systems. Metro entrances are marked by big & ...see more

Weather: Under the Köppen climate classification Brussels experiences an oceanic climate. ...see more
Food: Brussels is known for its local waffle, its chocolate, its French fries and its numerous types of beers. The Brussels s ...see more
Culture: Brussels is known for its beautiful architecture, rich artistic scene, and mouth watering cuisine. ...see more
  • Bucharest
  • Bucharest (Romanian: Bucureşti) is Romania's capital and largest city, as well as the most important industrial and commercial center of the country. With 2 million inhabitants in the city and more than 2.4 million in the urban area, Bucharest is one of the largest cities in Southeastern Europe.
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Transportation: Bucharest is home to the largest transport network in Romania. ...see more
Weather: Bucharest has a transitional climate, with both continental and subtropical influences ...see more
Food: Romanian cuisine is a diverse blend of different dishes from several traditions with which it has come into contact, bu ...see more
Culture: Bucharest has a growing cultural scene, in fields including the visual arts, performing arts and nightlife....see more
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