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  • Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam is a compact, instantly likeable city. It's appealing to look at and pleasant to walk around, an intriguing mix of the parochial and the international; it also has a welcoming attitude towards visitors and a uniquely youthful orientation, shaped by the liberal counter-culture.
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Amsterdam's centre is fairly small, and almost abnormally flat, so you can easily get to most tourist destina ...see more

Weather: Amsterdam has an oceanic climate, strongly influenced by its proximity to the North Sea to the west, with prevailing we ...see more

With so many fantastic restaurants to choose from one doesn't have to look far for a excellent meal with grea ...see more


The cultural scene in Amsterdam is rich and diverse. You can enjoy classical concerts at ‘Concertgebouw&rsq ...see more

  • Angelholm
  • Among Sweden’s foremost beach destinations, Ängelholm sits on the beautiful Skälderviken bay – a mecca for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. Inland, historic and romantic countryside complements Ängelholm’s unique local culture, where craftsmanship meets futuristic science and more. …
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Transportation: Buses and bikes will get you around Ängelholm efficiently, economically and eco-friendly-ly, while convenient inte ...see more
Weather: Cool summers and mild winters define Ängelholm as a city climatically comfortable throughout the year, although th ...see more
Food: Sweden’s cuisine as a whole favors seafood, and as a coastal city, Ängelholm delivers top-notch maritime fre ...see more
Culture: With typical Swedish hipness and energy, Ängelholm’s artistic and active locals enjoy nightlife, art and mus ...see more
  • Ankang
  • Ankang is part of the Shaanxi province located in Northwestern China, north of Ba Mountain and south of Qinling Mountain. The city is known for its beautiful natural scenery with wonderful views of the Qinling and Ta-pa Mountains. It also has many green spaces of forests and grasslands
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Transportation: Ankang has two highways that run through the city, a railway station, and an airport. ...see more
Weather: Ankang experiences a subtropical continental monsoon climate.  This climate is characterized by warm and dry sprin ...see more
Food: Shaanxi cuisine uses ordinary ingredients and is best known for its pork, lamb, and mutton dishes with strong and heavy ...see more
Culture: The culture of Ankang is traditional Chinese.  However, because of its central geographic location the culture of ...see more
  • Anyang
  • Anyang is one of eight Great Ancient Capitals of Ancient China and is a vital place for Chinese heritage and culture. Anyang was authorized as the capital city of the Shang Dynasty in 14th C. BC. Visiting Anyang will give you the opportunity to experience the roots of Chinese culture.
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Anyang's transportation system has public buses, taxis, a rail station, and long distance bus servi ...see more

Weather: Anyang experiences a semi-arid 4 season monsoon influenced climate.  Winters are cold and very and summers are hot ...see more
Food: Henan cuisine is one of the oldest and most traditional cooking styles in China known for its meticulous preparation an ...see more

The culture of Anyang is mainland Chinese.  Many of the communities in the area have been there for millenni ...see more

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