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A Xi'an tour takes you to the capital of Shaanxi province (central China) and the home of the Terracotta Warriors. As one of the oldest cities in China with over 3,000 years of history, Xi'an’s abundance of priceless relics and stunning monuments mark the city as one at the origins of Chinese civilization. Xi'an’s importance is also reflected in the fact that it was one of China’s ancient capitals for 1,000 years and one of the main stops on the Silk Road during some of the country’s most prosperous dynasties.
A Xi'an tour is not complete without a look at the Terracotta Warriors, housed just outside the city at their excavation site. The Qin Dynasty attraction is astounding not only for its size, but also because of the craftsmen’s attention to detail. Consisting of hundreds of life-sized warriors and horses made of terracotta, each individual Terracotta Warrior features different facial expressions, weaponry, and army rank. While you’re in one of the oldest Chinese cities, take the time to walk on one of the most well preserved city walls in China. Xi'an’s city wall is so large and complete that annual marathons and bicycle tours are held there high above the ground. Xi'an travel also introduces you to the substantial Muslim quarter, where you can visit the Grand Mosque (the first mosque to be built in China) and while you’re sightseeing don’t forget to check out the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, too.
Xi'an travel is easily done on foot; its shopping and entertainment districts are pedestrian friendly. For those looking to travel outside of the city, taxis would be the best option. see more
The best time for a Xi'an tour is spring and autumn. With four distinct seasons, summers are hot and rainy while winters are cold and dry. see more
A Xi'an staple is lamb meat - the Muslim quarter is the place to try it. Those on a Xi'an tour should also try the wide noodle soup dish, biang biang mian. see more
Don't forget to enjoy the oldest form of Chinese opera while on your Xi'an tour! Xi'an culture descends from one of the world's earliest civilizations.  see more
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