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No trip to China would be complete without a Beijing tour as there’s so much to discover. Home to an estimated 22 million people, Beijing wowed the world during the 2008 Summer Olympics with its distinct fusion of present and past. Where else can you visit a 600 year-old imperial palace and a gleaming, 81-story skyscraper all within a mile or two?  
Beijing is a fascinating, dazzling international city, steeped in Imperial history and culture. of countless dynasties, revolutions, and whirlwind development, Beijing combines China's most important financial, governmental, cultural and academic institutions with a picturesque old center and vibrant contemporary art and underground punk rock scenes without missing a beat.
A short list of Beijing tour ideas for starters: walk down the ancient alleys that surround the Forbidden City; climb the Great Wall of China; bike up the broad, modern avenues to the iconic Bird’s Nest stadium; chill out at a gallery or café in 798 Art District; indulge in some retail therapy at The Village in Sanlitun; taste real Peking duck; marvel at the Peking Opera, Kung-fu or Acrobatics shows.
Wherever you turn, Beijing gives day-in-the-life slices to tourists, be it thoughtfully tracing the steps of an emperor in his palace, haggling amiably with vendors in the back street hutongs, or dining out like modern day multi-millionaire. Make sure you’ve got your camera and your imagination handy!
The North City has a good choice of transportation options, so you can explore the city in the manner that suits you best during your Beijing tour. see more
From windy springs to hot summers to pleasant autumns and chilly winters, the weather has enough variety to meet the temperature preferences of those on Beijing tours. see more
While north China favors hearty peasant fare, Beijing food options abound with choice. From regional favorites to international chic to local specialties, there’s something here for everyone. see more
There’s culture around every hutong corner in Beijing. Know what to expect on your Beijing tour. see more
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