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As a result of being a popular tourist destination, Aswan offers many international dining options in addition to the country’s own traditional fare. Forming the backbone of Egyptian cuisine, delicious bread is consumed at almost all meals. A pita-like bread called Aysh is a favorite. Many rural or lower-class families dine solely on bread and beans. But rest assured that there are a plethora of options to delight the food-connoisseur’s senses. A typical breakfast consists of eggs, beans, dates and other dried fruits, and breads topped with fruit preserves, like jam and marmalade. Lunch and dinner consists mainly of locally-grown fruits and vegetables that are lightly cooked and heavily seasoned with herbs. Another local favorite is stuffed roasted pigeon, and Umm Ali – an Egyptian dessert similar to American bread pudding.  Stuffed grape leaves, Ful Medames, baklava and Falafels are typical, delicious Egyptians foods easily found in Aswan.
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