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Dubbed the Gateway to the Northern Safari Circuit, Arusha is a Northeast Tanzanian city in East Africa, proudly rooted in all its lush glory on the slopes of Africa’s fifth highest mountain. With a population of just over 400,000 people, Arusha may be relatively small but offers more than just the necessities for safari pit-stops. Not only is the city a major international diplomatic hub, it is also multicultural with distinct African, Arab, European and American influences. Many expats who are engaged in diplomatic affairs take up residence here. Notably, the city hosts the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda every year since 1994.
Although tourism is the driving force of Arusha’s economy and a significant contributor to Tanzania’s income, subsistence farming and corporate mining for Tanzanite are other local efforts. Several breweries and factories producing tyres, fibreboards and pharmaceuticals are established in the region.
Arusha’s crowning glory is its proximity to world-renown national parks and games reserves, including the Serengeti National Park, Kilimanjaro National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and the city’s own Arusha National Park covering Mount Meru. Picture this: a prominent volcano – the second highest in Tanzania - with grasslands to its southeast, shallow alkaline lakes to its northeast and a funneling crater to its west. Add in some flamingoes, buffalo, zebra and camera-shy elephants, and have the image of the country’s smallest but majestic national park.
While it is likely that you will hop in a safari jeep at some point during your trip to Arusha, travelers generally arrive in the town by plane or bus. see more
Although Arusha is located in close proximity to the equator, its elevation on the southern slopes of Mount Meru contribute to its agreeable climate.   see more
From 0.40 cent street fare to US$15 main courses at high-end hotels, Arusha has an array of dining options and menu options available to satisfy any palate.   see more
Safaris through the Arusha National Park may consume the itinerary of most travelers to this corner of Tanzania’s time, but the town of Arusha has a vibrant city culture sure to contrast against its surrounding preserved wildlife. see more
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