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Anyang is one of eight Great Ancient Capitals of Ancient China and is a vital place for Chinese heritage and culture.  It is located in the most northern part of the Henan Province, separated from Shaanxi Province by the Taihang Mountains to the west and from Hebei Province by the Zhanghe River in the north.  Anyang was authorized as the capital city of the Shang Dynasty in 14th C. BC.  This is evidence that Anyang is a city entrenched with rich history.  It is the home of the Yin ruins, the place of a wealth of archeological finds first discovered in the late 19th century; the findings include the earliest Chinese written records on oracle bones.  
Anyang has been a hub for regional and agricultural trade from centuries.  It is a main station on the main north-south rail line from Beijing to Guangzhou and also on the express line from Beijing to Zhuhai (near Macau).  Coal mining is an important industry in Anyang.  Textile mills and food-processing plants have been supplemented by heavier manufacturing since the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949.  More recently, high technology industries have been created and tourism has also grown significantly. 
There is evidence of many ancient civilizations in the surrounding area of Anyang in communities that have existed for millennia.  Visiting Anyang will give you the opportunity to experience the roots of Chinese culture.  The greater area of Anyang offers many green spaces and mountainous areas which are some of the most beautiful natural settings in the country. 
Come to Anyang to experience a wealth of Chinese historical content and culture. 

Anyang's transportation system has public buses, taxis, a rail station, and long distance bus services. see more
Anyang experiences a semi-arid 4 season monsoon influenced climate.  Winters are cold and very and summers are hot and humid.  see more
Henan cuisine is one of the oldest and most traditional cooking styles in China known for its meticulous preparation and delicious soups.  see more
The culture of Anyang is mainland Chinese.  Many of the communities in the area have been there for millennia so there is a massive sense of tradition in this place.  Many consider this city to be the originating place of Chinese culture. see more
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