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Getting Around

For travel within the city, or for short adventures into its outskirts, bicycles provide a convenient, affordable and fun way to get around. The area has plenty of viable cycling routes, usually detailed on tourist maps. Daily rentals run about $15, with guided bike tours often available, as well.

Ängelholm’s taxis are a comfortable way to get around the city, but you’ll pay for it. Conveniently (sort of), offers a fare calculator, but you’ll have to know the approximate distance and time to your destination (and translate it from Swedish).

Local buses run on two routes (lines 1 and 2) through the city. A shuttle also links the city center to the beach in the summer, although it runs only a few times daily. For those planning to stay for a while, paying with a rechargeable Jojo card gets you discounted rates on public transportation, including travel to other cities in the region. 

Consider taking a boat tour, or rent your own and explore the coast.

Getting There and Away

The Ängelholm-Helsingborg airport (AGH), 7 km from the city center, offers flights to Stockholm and Visby, as well as limited charter services. It is Götaland’s (southern Sweden’s) third largest airport.

Service runs from Ängelholm to Helsingborg and Malmö every half hour throughout the day, while trains to Copenhagen and Gothenburg run hourly, making day trips throughout the region viable options. Intercity trains and buses, along with local buses, make up Ängelholm’s pubic transportation infrastructure, and all give discounted fares to those paying with a Jojo card. 

Long-Distance Bus
Buses run from Ängelholm to most other major cities throughout the country, forming an important part of Ängelholm’s pubic transportation infrastructure. Buses also give discounted fares to those paying with a Jojo card, and are a very convenient way to travel throughout southern Sweden and beyond. 

The E6 motorway runs north-south through Ängelholm and southwestern Sweden, continuing upwards into Norway. Within Sweden, the highway links Trelleborg, Malmö, Helsingborg, Halmstad, Gothenborg, and Svinesund. Continuing into Norway, the E6 runs through Oslo and then northwards, wrapping around the top of Sweden and Finland and ending near the northern tip of Norway by the Russian border.  Additionally, the E20 runs from Ireland through to Russia, crossing entering Sweden from Denmark at the Öresund Bridge in Malmö and heading northwards along the southwestern coast before cutting easterly across the country to Stockholm, where a ferry carries travelers onward to Tallinn, Estonia. Swedish national road 13 also connects Ängelholm to other municipalities in Skåne County. Ängelholm’s variety of car rental services offers many rental options, starting at a little under $100/day. 

Scandlines operates a ferry linking Helsingborg with Helsingør, Denmark, just 30 km southwest of Ängelholm.
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