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Once a quiet trade center, Ängelholm has grown into a popular tourist destination known principally for its gorgeous beaches – long, rolling expanses of white sand stretching 6km along the sparkling Skälderviken bay. The bay’s winds, as well as its gorgeous scenery, offer conditions ideal for windsurfing, kitesurfing, and sailing.
Ängelholm lies at the mouth of the Rönne Å, which once served as a central waterway filled with commercial traffic – one of the largest reasons for Ängelholm’s early growth. Today, leisurely boating is most common along the Rönne Å, which has reverted to a quaint river running through the historic countryside west of Ängelholm. As in the past, Ängelholm continues to serve as a nexus for small surrounding townships and rural areas, although it has been overshadowed in some ways by its larger neighbor Helsingborg, just 30km southwest.
The singular local cultural curiosities here include Ängelholm’s historic ocarina legacy (the small, handcrafted wind instruments are known locally as Lergökasta’n, “clay pigeons”), a major ice cream manufacturer and a UFO memorial. Traditionally, Ängelholm served as a center of craftsmanship, particularly in ceramics and leather. Having grown as a manufacturing and industrial center through the 19th and 20th centuries, however, present-day Ängelholm houses a number of major companies, including the innovative super sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg. Koenigsegg’s factory and showroom stand on the former site of the F10 Ängelholm airbase, active from 1941 through 2002 – now renamed Valhalla Park and also home to Ängelholm’s Aviation Museum.
Buses and bikes will get you around Ängelholm efficiently, economically and eco-friendly-ly, while convenient intercity trains and buses make day trips throughout the region convenient and quite appealing.  see more
Cool summers and mild winters define Ängelholm as a city climatically comfortable throughout the year, although the city’s long beaches are best enjoyed during the warmer months.  see more
Sweden’s cuisine as a whole favors seafood, and as a coastal city, Ängelholm delivers top-notch maritime freshness – not to mention that the Skåne region lays official claim to originating the world-renowned smorgasbord .  see more
With typical Swedish hipness and energy, Ängelholm’s artistic and active locals enjoy nightlife, art and music festivals, sports, and making the most out of the city’s coastal beauty.  see more
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